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It is for the passion of the history of the Apulian stone and its noble preservation that the company was born, that for more than twenty years has been working in the recovery, selection and processing of new and old stones, in line with the company’s philosophy of research always innovative solutions and not, depending on the needs of customers.

The company deals with the search for authentic antique material, which can arouse the emotion of returning to the past and of capturing history.

In fact, the restoration of a room can be a wonderful opportunity to save a piece of history, but it can also be interesting to create an ancient corner in a modern home or any other structure.

In any case the ancient stone retains its authenticity, whether it is returned to its true function, or if a new one is attributed to it.

About Us

To fulfill any type of request, the company prepares an exhibition of 7000 square meters, in which it offers a wide selection of antique items: fireplaces, floors, portals, tanks, wells, masonry stones, stairs, mortars and much more .

Many times, however, special requirements may require irrecoverable pieces, so the German company, to best satisfy its customers, uses its experience and skills in the processing and production of innovative items, thanks to cutting-edge machinery and specialized personnel.


The Apulian stone has constituted in ancient times a wealth for Puglia.
Famous all over the world, it has a dynamic production reality, with a wide range of products.
In particular, the stone of Trani and Giovinazzo has technological features that allow it to be used in all types of civil construction and architecture.
The stone of Trani and Giovinazzo, a calcareous conglomerate, belongs to the category of calcareous rocks of debris and biochemical origin.
It is a material characterized by a remarkable compactness and resistance, which allow it to last over time to temperature variations.
The company in addition to dealing with stone processing and research of ancient materials offers a range of services in the construction industry.